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Melancholy Recognitions

I wrote about two recently translated French novels by Constance Debré (translated by Holly James) and Nina Bouraoui (translated by Aneesa Abbas Higgins), in particular looking at how they portray melancholy

London Magazine

Lina Wolff

With Carnality soon to arrive in an English translation, I spoke to Lina about her oeuvre. We spoke about Lina’s previous novels, how grief affects craft, and karate.


Bel Olid

I interviewed Bel Olid about their collection of short stories, Wilder Winds (Fum d’Estampa). We discussed writing very short stories, hope, and Jeanette Winterson.

LA Review of Books

Jason Allen-Paisant

I interviewed the poet Jason Allen-Paisant about his debut collection, Thinking with Trees (Carcanet). Allen-Paisant’s poems represent a quietly radical way of writing about nature, and I spent some time with him for the Big Issue North.

Big Issue North

Completing Invoices

My essay, exploring motherhood, a film of Chantal Akerman’s and Romelu Lukaku featured in the inaugural issue of TOLKA, a new Irish journal promoting ‘formally promiscuous’ non-fiction. Buy a copy here



Short fiction, published on Litro


Beneath Hucisko

Short fiction, published on Lunate.


Without a Care in the World: Jonathan Franzen in St. Louis

Jonathan Franzen’s problematic first novel, The Twenty Seventh City (1988), provides an interesting basis to examine the influence of the city on Franzen’s future fictional and autobiographical guises. St. Louis is a place for Franzen where birds and all the things he ‘cares’ about seem to intersect.

Cleveland Review of Books

The Caring Art: An Interview with Sam Mills

Sam Mills has one of the most interesting and dynamic involvements on the literary scene. As a novelist for adults (see her brazen and quixotic, The Quiddity of Will Self), and young adults, as well as a publisher (Dodo Ink), she’s now turned to her own life and written about caring for her father.

Yorkshire Times

The Factory that Never Stops: Mapping the Within

A trip to the Beinecke Library at Yale, New Haven, sent me on a journey exploring poetry and the language of the ‘within.’ Featuring conversations with poet/psychoanalysts Julian Turner and Susanne Lansman, their conversation became as important as their poetry to me.

3:AM Magazine

Assuming the Monster Posture: the Poetry of Vahni Capildeo

Vahni Capildeo has continued to provide some of the most interesting and original poetry in the twenty-first century. Reading her new collection allowed me to return to some of her earlier work.

3:AM Magazine

Judith Levin and the Art of the Moors

Leeds-based artist Judith Levin invited me to her home and studio where I talked to her about her work as she worked (also featuring my photography).

Yorkshire Times

“If you’re not interested in the past, the future won’t be interested in you.”

Michael Schmidt OBE FRSL, spared some of his time to talk to me about Carcanet’s Jubilee, and his own work as a poet and critic.

Yorkshire Times

On ‘Haunting’

Based on a discussion of three horror novellas published by Dead Ink Press, I reflected on the idea of haunting and the male gaze.

Full Stop

Are Ghosts Real, or Do They Just Send Signals?

An essay of narrative non-fiction, featuring travels to Vienna, and ruminations on Freud and Anthony McCall.

The Squawk Back

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