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Series Four

Episode 26: Catalan Literature in Translation Special with Mara Faye Lethem and Tiago Miller (Granta and Fum d’Estampa)

Episode 25: Seraphina Madsen On Aurora (Dodo Ink Press)

Series Three

Episode 24: Caitlin Stobie on Thin Slices (Verve Press)

Episode 23: Cristina Bendek and Robin Myers on Salt Crystals (Charco Books)

Episode 22: Nicholas Royle on White Spines (Salt Publishing)

Episode 20: Sarah Schofield on Safely Gathered In (Comma Press)

Episode 21: Caroline Clark on Own Sweet Time (CB Editions)

Episode 19: Richard Price on The Owner of the Sea (Carcanet Press)

Episode 18: Erica Mou and Clarissa Botsford on Thirsty Sea (Héloïse Press)

Series Two

Episode 17: Emilia Fraia and Zoe Perry on Sevastopol (Lolli Editions)

Episode 16: Charlie Baylis and Santa Lucia (Invisible Hand Press)

Episode 15: Jo Scott-Coe and MASS (Pelekinesis Press)

Episode 15: Jessie Greengrass and the high house (swift Press)

Episode 13: Jeff Chon and Hashtag Good Guy With a Gun (Sagging Meniscus Press)

Episode 12: Khalisa Rae and Ghost in a Black Girl’s Throat (Red Hen Press)

Episode 11: Polly Barton and Fifty Sounds (Fitzcarraldo Editions)

Series One

Episode 10: Jacqueline Bishop on Jamaican Women Writers (Peepal Tree Press)

Episode 9: Samatar Elmi on Portrait of Colossus (Flipped Eye Publishing)

Episode 8: Katherine Lockton on Paper Doll (Flipped Eye Publishing)

Episode 7: Neil Griffiths on Trauma (Dodo Ink Books)

Episode 6: Olja Knežević On Catherine the Great and the Small (Istros Books)

Episode 5: Jen Calleja on Time and Goblins (Prototype Publishing and Rough Trade Books)

Episode 4: Katharina Volckmer and The Appointment (Fitzcarraldo Editions)


Episode 3: Katherine Horrex and The Growlery (Carcanet Press)

Episode 2: Thomas Chadwick and Above the Fat (Splice)

Episode 1: Gaia Holmes and Protest: Stories of Resistance (Comma Press)

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